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Rocking Motherhood Resources   

Think of this page as a toolkit for new mums.
A place to go for info to help and info that is good to know whether you are leading up to early motherhood, or going through it.

Scroll down the page and see what takes your fancy... 



 Must-have's for
early motherhood 

Make sure these products are on your radar! They will make your life easier in those early weeks and for a smoother transition through the Fourth Trimester.  


Settling Babies 

9 years in the making.

As a Postnatal Doula I have created an extensive guide full of info, ideas, and tips to help you settle your newborn easier and with less stress. Also included is context around newborn norms, behaviour and how to work with it, and not against it. 

These different setting techniques that have been tried and tested, and I have settled a lot of babies! 

I have supported different baby-personalities. Worked through scenarios as to why they might be unsettled. I've experienced what it's like when things don't seem to be working no matter how hard you try.  When 2 mins feel like 20!

All these ideas are with you in mind.  


New Mum Mindset

Mother with her Baby

A range of articles from the fourth trimester to reflux to becoming mum to preparing for your baby whilst pregnant, and everything in between. 

All short reads so wont take too long to digest the info


Podcast Interview;
Postnatal Care &
Fourth Trimester 

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