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10 Benefits of Postnatal Planning

For the past couple of weeks, we have been putting a shining light on Postnatal Planning.

It’s something I feel that is overlooked and something that would help new mums massively. Without a doubt, it should be, just like a birth plan, standard antenatal practice.

Here are 10 benefits of postnatal planning;

1. We outline how we want our birth to go, and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t go our way but what you can have more of a say in is how you want your early postnatal weeks to go – why wouldn’t we want to do that?

2. These steps, which are simple yet effective will set up, emotionally and physically – it’s not just

about the traditional baby list.

3. Get much clearer on what to expect and should typical challenges arise you’ll already be aware of it and how to start working through it.

4. With knowledge comes confidence and this process will rocket your confidence no end – you will feel confident of your choices and going into motherhood.

5. Your support network and/or significant other will all be on the same page as you can share this all with them – it will also save you from awkward conversation download the line on how you and your baby would like to be cared for.

6. Practical steps ticked off making you feel like a maternal goddess!

7. You won’t have to learn and do EVERYTHING whilst looking after a newborn, because you have a chunk of the things in advance; giving you more time to actually enjoy and be present in these weeks - they are magical!

8. You would have created what I call Space and Time, to give back to yourself – this is so needed in the early weeks as it can feel like a one-way street.

9. There are umpteen research studies to show the benefits of postnatal support going into motherhood to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing.

10. You will have important time to rest and recover early postnatal weeks with everything already set up!

Lots of postnatal doulas are running Postnatal Planning sessions. I have my own format which is looking into your background, current situation, where you want to get to, and then going through a 6-step planning process to make sure you are fully ready on an emotional and physical level.

More info and to arrange yours through this link. Any questions, you know where to find me.

Much love,


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