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2 weeks in and reflux starts to show up....

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Over 40% of newborns are diagnosed with reflux.

Whether you are a first-time mum, or mum again, it can be exhausting, isolating and confusing on what approach to take.

It doesn’t help that everyone has different stories or ways to help. Now I am not medically trained so I won’t go down that route but I have supported LOTS of families who have had to navigate reflux with their newborn and experience first-hand how reflux has a snowball effect.

What is reflux?

Reflux means the milk is regurgitated back up and is typical in the newborn phase, with a list of possible reasons.

Often shows up in the early weeks and tends to fade away around 3-6 months.

Depending on where you go for support, can depend quite dramatically on the support you receive.

GP’s often prescribe something along the lines of infant gavision. There are other meds that can get prescribed, depending if the GP thinks it’s warranted/their approach. It's suggested to try and find the cause to help resolve the issue, rather than mask the symptoms, and there is a list of possible reasons for reflux. Here are some tips to help you ride the reflux wave: - Feeding positions are upright as possible - let gravity do it's thing - Keep baby upright after feeds for 15-20 mins - A sling would be a good option in the day - Night-time still using same feeding positions and upright after a feed - Settling techniques as swaddling, swaying, sssshhing/white noise - If you choose co-sleeping to help settle better, check out safe sleeping rules - Lullaby Trust or Basis online - Babies may go to the boob more - If bottle-feeding try using pace feeding - Make sure good latch/suction to reduce air intake

Get trained support in to help you with this phase, and try and remember when things are getting tough that reflux will go; this isn't your world forever.

Much love,



Are you heading towards fourth trimester? Check out Fourth Trimester Support Program, a program for 12 weeks to offer you support at a time when you are likely going to need your questions answering, a place to offload, to step back from google because it's confusing the hell out of you.

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