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8 steps to help build confidence as a new mum

Confidence isn’t something we can touch. It isn’t tangible. It’s a feeling, and it’s subjective.

Confidence means different things to different people. We may also feel confident in one area of our life, but another we can feel less so.

Working as a Postnatal Doula, I see this so much; being a new mum we are moving into the unknown. Uncertainty. Less control. And this brings up a mix of emotions.

First up; 8 steps to help build confidence as a new mum:

1. Accept we learn through our mistakes

2. Trust our instincts

3. Be aware of the negative self-talk

4. Practise daily gratitudes

5. Surround yourself with a support network

6. Surround yourself with a positive and empowering support network (friends & experts)

7. Expect that comparing ourselves to other mums can leave us feeling a bit crappy; this is your and your baby’s time; do it your way (this ties into point 6)

8. Informing ourselves on the matter we are feeling uncertain of we will make us feel more confident

It’s the ‘informing’ ourselves of those early weeks that will help you feel more confident as a new mum. Areas such as:

· Baby norms

· Phases

· How-to’s

· Where to go for help & when you should go for help

· Life for you

· Emotions & physical

…this list could go on…

Have a think about the steps you can take yourself to set up for your baby’s arrival so your confidence is already boosted and you are feeling much more prepared for those early, amazing weeks!

Much love,



Knowing what’s to come in early motherhood is another boost confidence as a new mum. For 5 days, we will be setting expectations for those first 12 weeks. We will be covering scenarios, areas and phases that are likely to show up for you.

We are starting 23rd November. You will need to register your spot here:

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