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I thought we should really put the focus on YOU, the wonderful new mums & mums to be; this would still be good for you to know.

It's likely BC (before children) there were a few things we enjoyed to do....walking, journalling, HiiT classes, dancing, cooking, reading, yoga, music on full volume...the list is endless.

However, when we have a baby it can feel those things can't be enjoyed anymore.

Lots of ‘reasons’ show up….

You won’t have the time.

Feel guilty doing something for you.

Can't do it with a baby. Feel resistance.

You feel the need but can’t get the how.

Or of course you maybe running for the door !

One of the wonderful mums I supported knew that she needed something for her.

Here are some of the steps we worked through:

1/ We looked at a weekly planner and plotted typically things that had to happen - we made slots for it all - nursery runs, appointments, playdates, housework etc

2/ We made a list of the activities that she would be happy to start doing again. We knew the gaps of time would be shorter, so to manage expectations - so what could be done in those gaps. We put it all down.

A feeling of excitement and memories were prodded just by doing this.

3/ We chose 2 things to start with. Small steps. One for at home and one for outside of the home.

Really simple steps but we took the time to work it through. Time to yourself is a good thing. It will benefit both you and your baby.

TOP TIP; whatever it is you love you doing, get it set up ready to go when you have your gap of time.

· Sourced podcasts and ready to press play

· Preferred yoga teacher on iPad

· Music app preloaded with playlist

· New journal or reading book left in same place

You get the picture.

For more support like this join the support group for new mums and mums to be –

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