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Postnatal care is hit & miss at the best of times. Add a global pandemic and far-reaching restrictions to the mix, and you have women who are feeling even more overwhelmed, isolated and confused.

Whether you reach out for support for emotional back-up or more hands-on practical help with the baby, around the home and things you may need help with; the aim of the game for the work I do is for you not to need me anymore because you are feeling differently and getting into your flow. Confidence has rocketed. Self-belief blossomed. Fog has lifted and you feel you have turned your corner moving onto the next phase.

Sometimes I meet women when they are expecting; this is ideal as we can begin to build the relationship, find out about your family dynamic, work on planning & prep for baby’s arrival and make sure the support is in the right area for you.

There are also families I met when baby is home and they realise they would like help. Again this is focussed on mum; one of the USP’s for doulas. We always keep in regular chats about how the support can best help you and how it changes with you; how you feel on week 3 is different to week 12.

Given the current times we are in, and how we are much more used to being online to get products and services we need, I am focussing on virtual support. And there is LOADS we can cover in these sessions.