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Getting ahead before your baby arrives

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

As a postnatal doula, my focus is when your baby arrives, offering help and support for new mummas. To make that time as best for a new mum as possible, there are things we can be doing before baby arrives to make sure that happens.

We need to think about postnatal life before getting to postnatal life. To act proactively.

Now I know (being a mum of two) that when we are pregnant our focus is often the birth and it’s hard to get past that. I totally get why, what I am suggesting is that we put a chunk of that focus onto postnatal life so that we can feel….

….prepared as you can this side of your baby arriving

To know where to put your focus

To reduce your overwhelm when baby is here

To increase your increase confidence for life with your baby and life as a new mum.

I put together a short video of 5 things you can be doing before arrives:

As a doula, I have supported lots of mums but I also chat to the Dads too – questions they have I have supported oodles of mums with a second child, even third. I would be more than happy to do the same for you.

In the light version of Uplevelled!, Antenatal before being Postnatal can be a session for mum and dad. For you both to plan, talk through questions and niggles, and hear how the other one is feeling. I’ll be asking the questions and guiding you both through.

If this interests you both then hop onto a session by clicking the link above.

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