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Life with Two. My Story.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I recently asked a group of Mums' to share their story to be part of a new online fourth trimester program, so I thought it's only fair I do the same.

Here goes:

Kids sundowners in Mauritius
Our Mauritian hollibobs. The boys were coming upto 2yrs & 4yrs

I always knew I wanted to two children, after having my first that was. There was a time though that I thought it wouldn't happen to me, however, timings aligned and it was my turn. I became a Mum.

I was absolutely in awe of my first son, Max. I couldn't stop staring at him. This baby was mine. I had a son. It blew my mind.

The first year with Max will blissful. Hot summer. Friends around. I was in a position to go to classes, lunches, holidays, shopping, day trips. I was out and about doing different things with my little mate.