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How your baby will change in the first 12 weeks

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Before I get into things, I’d like to make crystal clear that every baby is different. They move at different paces so if you chat to your friend and your baby's are at different stages, don't stress yourself.

Here we go....

This blog is about babies development in the first 12 weeks.

Something I focus on. Something I love to help women with. More on care in the early weeks.

Within the first 3 months you will see your baby do things like –

· Respond to sound

· Stare at faces

· You may hear gurgling & cooing sounds

· Following objects with their eyes

· Can hold their heads for short periods of time

As babies grow, the laughs and smiles will come. Heads are held more steadily and faces are easier to recognise. Babies see in black and white and they can see at 20-30 cms. Contrasting pictures and designs are good for newborns.

At the start I mentioned babies move at different paces, and that's true, however, if you feel something is not quite right, then chat to your GP or Health Visitor.


Baby’s are born with a set of reflexes, there are a few but these are the main ones:

Rooting – touching babies cheek makes them turn their head to make sure she moves towards the nipple

Choking – until 4-6 months baby’s have a chocking that causes their tongue to thrust forward whenever the back of the tongue is stimulated

Planter – Touch babies sole of foot and their toes curl

Grasping – touch palms hands and they grab

Moro – this is the startle reflex when baby is dropped back with arms flung out

Calming – it’s thought babies are born with a calming reflex which can be activated when using the 5’s (Dr Harvey Karp)

Development in the fourth trimester

Baby’s brains are developed by the time of birth however lots more happen during the fourth trimester. Your baby’s brain is open to new info, signals, communications to make positive connections in their brain.

In the first 12 weeks, you could see:

· Breathing more steadily, the moro reflex happening less and more controlled movements.

· Developing more consistent sleep and feeding patterns.

· More settled sleep, rather than active sleep

· Interaction with people, objects or music for longer periods of time and paying more attention

By 12 weeks you should see a difference in your baby’s development with their crying, feeding, sleeping, senses, physical development. In terms of play time .....

Your baby loves to look at your face.

To hear your voice.

Soothing sounds.

Lots of chat.

They will love to touch. Different textures.

They are learning all the time on how to get their needs met.

They like movement to strengthen muscles. Encourage coordination.

Neck and backs will strengthen.

They will learn about positions of their bodies movement of limbs. This is of course after having no control of their arms and legs.

Playmats, bouncers, chairs, holding & play position eg tummy time and guided classes (look for age appropriate classes) can be introduced at different stages.

Most of all, you are the expert for your baby so go with your instincts. You are mum. You are their world.

Much love,



P.S. For more support you can –

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