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Third trimester and dialling up the excitement

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Every single expectant woman I have spoken to feels the same.

Excited yet nervous.

Happy yet anxious.

Can’t wait to mee your baby but a huge sense of overwhelm going into this ‘unknown’ world.

A tale of two halves.

Normally with content on the world wide web the focus is on the challenging parts; what you might be feeling and what you need to do. All still relevant and very much good to know what is going to help however, for this week’s blog though, I would like to flip that and focus on the best parts. The parts to really celebrate and immerse yourself in. All of the good you are feeling. Massively dial it up and celebrate it.

So, what are the good bits…well they are going to be different for different people. Perhaps ask yourself a few questions:

Pregnant mom enjoying a cup of tea

What are you most excited about when you think of becoming a mum?

Seeing the face of your older child when the baby comes along?

Seeing a grandparent hold their grandchild for the first time?

The feeling of becoming a mum? What will that mean to you?

What are the parts of motherhood you think will bring you joy?

For me, when I look back, I think of….

· Simple things like walking with them in the buggy

· Seeing their little face and holding them after feeling their kicks in my tummy

· A totally new chapter for me; I felt excited to get started

· The sibling due so I knew Max would also have a best friend.

· That I fell pregnant for the second time in the first place!

· Actually calling myself a mum after thinking it was never going to happen to me

Have a think for your situation. Maybe write them down so they feel even more real.

Don't forget to capture the moments. Photos. Journal. Share the joy with someone.

When we think about a happy time in our lives, our brain releases a shot of the happy hormone. These moments could be your 'shot' of happiness!

Now, I know I said we were going to focus on the best bits but I don’t want to ignore how you might be feeling as a whole. If we can work on some of the negative feelings too then it will free us mentally and physically up to enjoy this time more. Have more 'happy shots'.

If you are feeling nervousness, overwhelm or anxiety, ask yourself where they are coming from? Is it parenting experience from your own childhood? Have you ‘strong’ opinions around you. Have you a level of birth trauma from a previous birth and you are still carrying it with you? Are you fearful of the labour? Do you worry about the sleep? How it will work with a partner?

Talk about whatever it is that is niggling you.

Talk to a partner. If that’s not possible, best friend, family member.

Talk to your parents or siblings and help understand a situation that you are finding keeps coming back to you.

Talk to medical folk.

Talk to friends who already have babies.

When we talk about something, it takes it from our brains and get its out freeing us up of mental space. Don’t have too many tabs open, if that makes sense.

Get clear on what to expect.

Get prepared as much as you can this side of the baby arriving and then enjoy your time. Work through them so it frees you up.

Just a tip on talking and getting ideas from others....of course listen to others who have gone/going through the same as you, this is where the support network comes in to play. Make sure the idea feels right for you though, it feels aligned. We have different mothering styles, different babies, different family set up's so what make work for one, won't work for another. And that's OK Find your way.

Talking of finding your way; I have a way that could help you this side of the baby arriving and that is with an Uplevelled! Session – they are for expectant mums before the baby arrives.

If you do want to know how to prepare, where to put your focus, what really to expect day to day in postnatal life, have a personalised toolkit for better mental health and positive emotional wellbeing, if you want to make the best of the fourth trimester, and lots more then Uplevelled! was created with you in mind. Have a read here


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