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The dictionary says –

Definition: the natural tendency that a mother has to behave or react in a particular way around her child or children. Source: Collins Dictionary.

Instincts are something that's hard to explain. It's a feeling. The first thought. A feeling in your gut. I believe, in motherhood instincts are really useful to tune into. They can get lost in the tired fog and endless info however, the more we are aware of them and tune into them it can make us feel more confident of our choices.

The books, societal & cultural influences can tell us ' do this, do that'

- Felt like your baby needed to sleep longer but the books say different.

- Baby is showing signs of a feed again but a 'well-meant comment' led you to leave it a while longer.

- People around you telling you nothing is wrong but your gut is saying something different.

What we read and hear can feel against our instincts. We may feel inner conflict which adds to confusion and puts a barrier in our way of maternal confidence.

3 examples of questioning instincts:

- Clapham mum: follow schedule or let baby sleep to connect their 'cycles'?

- Battersea mum: should I give more attention to the sibling or gloss over behaviour as a result of baby's arrival?

- Peckham mum: I’d rather my baby didn’t have reflux meds but I’m told they will help quicker?

How do you know what to do?

- Go on the info available to you

- What’s your instinct saying?

- Choose a route and if its not the right one, that’s OK, you learn your own way what to do net time.

It can be a minefield in those early day - go with what you feel and trust your choices.

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See you in there!#newmumseries #week7

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