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Life in the 3rd.

Stretched belly. Itchy skin. Busy mind. Feeling impatient.Walking proudly showing off my baby bump.

These are a few of the things that spring to mind when I think of the 3rd trimester.

Of course I had two different experiences.

Me and my two boys - I'll always be post-natal.

My first son Max was textbook – not a day of sickness, feeling good, still wanting to go out compared to my second full pregnancy – gagging with nausea walking down the road, hobbling to the train station because of my rheumatoid arthritis kicking off and things feeling a lot more stressed at home and work.

One thing was the same though – I couldn’t wait meet my baby and I kept saying I can’t wait to get it done. There was an impatience. Things felt on a countdown, and they were all pointing at the due date. My world was centred around that date.

In hindsight, enjoying my days would be have been better – not the gagging in discreet corners obviously – but feel grateful for when things settled and I was feeling OK. Enjoy those moments and feel grateful for them. My mind was too busy with the stuff that wasn’t great or what I still had to do or find.

I also didn’t prepare myself very well – yes I counted the baby gro’s a million times and had all the equipment and products that comes with a new baby – but I mean more the expectations. That, especially the second time round, things could be tough with aches and pains and having two babies to do everything for. How I am going to feel now being a mum of two. Totally in awe or a sense of greater responsibility and overwhelm.

There are things we can do in the 3rd trimester that will prep us and the people around us to put us in a good position for your baby’s arrival.


If you are in your third trimester - don't do a me - enjoy your days. Try not to over think. Enjoy the now. Remember your time will be different once the baby is here.

Speak to your network about what happens when the baby is here and how are you going to get your time to rest and recover.

Leave superwoman at the door.

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