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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

It is no secret the fourth trimester comes with it ups and downs. The first 12 weeks can roll into this one big blur but how can we make the best of this time. Have the best start we can. Have time to enjoy it more. Look back at this time positively (even with a few ‘down’s)…

Here are a few things that will help:

Get support in

Kissing newborn on his cheek

Accept the helping hand – friend, family or paid for help – doula like me, cleaner, maternity nurse…whatever you feel drawn to. We need our village around us, and we are certainly not meant to do this all on our own.

Also, having an issue and getting trained support in sooner rather than later will make the difference. It will mean said-issue will be resolved sooner and you feel much more informed.


Life with a newborn can be unpredictable and random. For a chunk of time this will be your life … navigating newborn norms, feeding, sleeping and getting to grips with the new you. Sometimes we have to throw our hands up and say let’s roll with it. Everything is phases and you are rolling with it until you move onto the next phase. Aim of the game is to feel confident that whatever comes up or whatever phase you enter, you will meander your way through it.

Get prepared!

If we are connected on social media or you have read any of my stuff before, you will know I am BIG on preparing. Talk postnatal before we are postnatal. We need to act proactively, and not reactively so reduce the tidal wave of emotions and reality. Often our reality and expectations heading into the fourth trimester are not aligned. We need to know what is likely to show up, the day to day postnatal life and what’s going to help. There are different areas of preparing and ways to help which go beyond the traditional baby list. Easy to do steps to put you in a great starting positioning for early motherhood.

Look after you

Whether you take a nap. Make sure you have lots of good food. Keep moving. Do things you enjoy in the shorter gaps of time you now have. Give yourself a little bit of space, recharge and go again. Early on, it can feel like it’s a one-way street. We need to give back to ourselves. There is a saying I use a lot and that is ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. If you are running on empty, you will have nothing to give. That’s why it’s super important why new mums need to be looked after and cared for.

Celebrate the wins

We have a default setting to sometimes focus on what isn’t going well or you need to do more of. We need to flip that and focus on your wins, whether they be big or small, get into the habit of thinking about what has gone well – baby had a good feed, you had a nice nap, you saw a friend and didn’t stop laughing, falling in love more everyday. If you can, write these wins down. They will feel more tangible, stick in your mind and really nice to look back on.


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Imagine a week's intense driving course - packed full of info and practical manoeuvres that isn't spread out just waiting for life to get in the way. You will have everything you need to get driving on the road by the end of the week - well these sessions are the same. Super concentrated to get you feeling on it and a prepared maternal goddess for your baby's arrival.

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