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New mum but not feeling like 'you'?

You are not alone. Here's why....

You have spent years being you. Doing what you enjoy. Shaping relationships. Building careers. Defining your values and what you believe in. Having fun with with not alot of boundaries.

Then at some point, you fell pregnant. You feel excited, yet nervous. You want your baby to feel loved and secure yet you are constantly questioning your own abilities.

What should we expect?

What’s realistic?

Then baby comes.

You feel love like nothing like it. You feel in awe. YOU have a baby.

But there are things you didn't expect. You didn't even know was a thing.

Sore nipples.

Leaking boobs. Like a tap.

Feeling like a milking cow.

You knew tiredness came with newborn territory but this was different level.

Not a hot cup of tea.

Takes hours to get ready and out of the door.

No one says thank you.

You considered yourself a confident, capable person but my goodness, the reality of life with a newborn was different to what you were expecting.

You are feeling more distance to 'you'.

Feeling disconnected.

Identity is blurry.

So, what can you do? Here's a few ideas:

  1. Take some time out for you; nothing to feel guilty about and you should put yourself first sometimes.

  2. Keep chatting to friends but be mindful of the comparing; this is your journey, your way

  3. Are there new hobbies and interests you could look into being a new mum?

  4. What did you enjoy before becoming mum?

  5. Get support in to take the load off, giving some time back for, friends or paid-for.

  6. When you start to feel differently; getting into your flow, plan a little bit of fun...laughing with friends or family is the BEST.

  7. Friends are invaluable; your time spent with them may now be different but do invest the time.

  8. You are in control of how you do things and can change course or the rules at any time.

  9. Make sure you have some boundaries for yourself - health, wellbeing, space and time

  10. Stick to what you believe in and tune into your instincts

I believe if you start to do a few of things, you will feel that connection and feel like you more often and more frequently.

Of course, if you are in early motherhood; when it's feeling a bit crazy, and you are feeling the need to chat things through and get the questions out of your head...these sessions might be for you.....


Lots & lots can be covered including getting baby norms, feeding, sleep questions and still feeling like you being a new mum!

Much love,


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