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New Mum Series - Infant Feeding

Week two for the #NewMumSeries …and this week the focus was on infant feeding.

I deliberately chose the title infant feeding, rather than breastfeeding because not all women breastfeed and it should be about what is best for mum and baby, not what our ‘influences’ say otherwise.

There are a few scenarios that show up for feeding –

· Baby has suspected tongue tie will affect feeding

· Babies with jaundice

· Babies with wind can affect your feeds eg keeping upright, pace feeding etc

· Typical gastro issues such as reflux and colic can affect feeding frequency

· Intolerances

· If you are breastfeeding, position and attachment

· A mother’s feeling of if she is producing milk and question if topping

· Correct info / support to suit mum and baby

· How to correctly prepare bottles and how best to do it for night feeds

· Frequency of feeds and what’s the ‘norm’

· Routines vs Reality

· Baby’s weight gain

As a postnatal doula I’ve seen everyone of these and the support is tailored for each situation, anything else going on and what suits mum.

So, if you are having issues with feeding, where can you go for help?

· Breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultation

· Postnatal doulas offer feeding support

· Local support groups – I preferred going face – face so the person could see feeding in action!

· National helplines are 24/7 that give round the clock peace of mind

· Health Visitors and GP’s can have vary feeding advice

· Books such as Le Leche League or Jack Newman

· Sites such as Kelly Mom or ABM

· Tamba for twins and multiples

And of course, you can speak to other mums for support and garner ideas of what’s worked for them. I do say this with a hint of caution – remember different things work for different people and it’s finding your way.

If you do have any super stories and ideas please share them in Striding into Motherhood group – it’s a support group for mums-to-be and new mums.

Click here to join

Much love,


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