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As a mum-to-be or new mum in the early weeks of motherhood, do we need real talk? And what I mean by real talk is sharing how it really is and not sugar coating it.

Does it help?

How can it help?

I know the content and posts I put out have real talk in there.

And it’s not because I want to be some sort of smart arse or because I am being unaware/ insensitive to how someone might be feeling but because I think it does help, in the right places.

How can your expectations be closer to your reality if we don’t know what’s to come?

Whether that be on a day-to-day level.

An emotional level, and let’s be honest, emotions are all over the place. I look back on those early days and feel like I’ve come through ‘something’ and not on the other side.

How do we know about baby norms?

The family & relationship dynamics?

Typical time frames for phases?

New role as a mum?

(I could go on but no one wants to read LONG!)

Of course, we do need to be mindful if someone is feeling particular sensitive to a situation or topic and we can gently glide them through with support, trained or otherwise.

It’s OK to say this is hard but still love your kids to bits.

It’s OK to say this is shit but still feel that becoming a mum is the best thing you’ve done.

It’s OK to feel both.

Take on that real talk with informed info. Put yourself in a stronger position through preparation, instincts and planning. You'll feel more in control and confident, and I haven't met a women yet who doesn't want to feel confident being a mum!

Much love, April


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