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Striding into Motherhood…

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I think confidence is up there in terms of how we all want to feel becoming a mum.

Confident we will be at it (whatever that means for us). Confident we will know how to handle and learn new things.

Confident that everything will be OK. That you will be OK.

I shared these tips in a blog last year however they are still very relevant and good for a reminder:

- Accept we learn through our mistakes - Trust our instincts - Be aware of the negative self-talk - Practise daily gratitudes - Surround yourself with a support network - Surround yourself with a positive and empowering support network (friends & experts) - Expect that comparing ourselves to other mums can leave us feeling a bit crappy; this is your and your baby’s time; do it your way (this ties into point 6) - Informing ourselves on the matter we are feeling uncertain of we will make us feel more confident

And my last tip, bonus as it were, would be having your support network around you will help no end - offer the reassuring ear. The confident sounding board. The person to laugh through the WTF moments 😊

We are all in this together, lovelies!

Newborn tiny hand holding her mum's index finger

Now if you are heading into your Fourth Trimester and maybe you are feeling happy yet anxious about those first early weeks then you can access support and help via the Fourth Trimester Support Program.

Waitlist is open, pop your name and I'll be in touch with all the info. The link you need is here.

Much love,


Postnatal Doula Specialist | Doula based in Surrey, London | Postnatal Specialist

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