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The Early Weeks; what shows up?

I recently finished with a family, supporting them postnatally. It’s the first family, since lockdown. I’ve supported and it was SO lovely to be back with new mums in the early weeks of motherhood.

And it's the early weeks I specialise in.

Those early weeks are precious yet often challenging.

Mums go into those early weeks with a huge mix of emotions; excitement, heart full of love yet self-doubt, questioning, overwhelm, lack of assurance in abilities.

With the gorgeous family I have just finished with it was such a special few weeks. Seeing mum and dad fall more in love each day. The baby snuggling into mum and being exactly where they want to be.

In the eight sessions (part of the New Mum Package) we covered lots of things to see mum, and dad through some of the fog and newborn haze:

- Assessing positioning and attachment for breastfeeding

- Setting up pump and demo with slings

- Chatting through norms inc sleep and fourth trimester

- Looking after baby whilst mum rested and slept – something I encourage lots of in those early weeks

- Help in kitchen with house work and preparing nourishing snacks & keeping mum hydrated

- Answering any questions and offering lots of assurances

- Talking through emotions that were showing up, where they come from and if they serve

- Ideas for dad to settle baby their way

Some really simple yet effective steps to making mum feel more confident & supported in those early weeks.

And if you think support isn’t for you, and you should be able to do it all yourself, you can't run on empty and be best place to look after your baby. As humans, especially bringing an infant into the world we are not meant to do it solely.

"MOTHERS. A car can run on fumes for only so long. It needs to be refilled or it will stop running altogether. You as a mother can't continue to be everything to everybody, eventually you will break down. You need to take time for yourself, to rejuvenate, to make sure you are not lost while trying to hold everything together"

You deserve mummas.

Much love,



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