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The needs of Perinatal parents

The needs of perinatal parents are wide ranging, evolving and needs can differ between Mum and Dad. We also know with babies their needs are like phases; they come and go like the waves of the sea.

So what are some of the needs of perinatal parents...

(this is not an infinite list 😊

Antenatal education

Education for mum and dad is key. Not to overwhelm but to guide their focus. Listening to the questions and concerns of parents. Working from evidence-based info to give relevant support that is what they need going forward.

For Dads; we can’t miss out them, giving support and info from their shoes. Not doing this has knock on effect on relationships, partner support, correct understanding.

Support for Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Past trauma. Intrusive thoughts. Low mood. Isolation/loneliness. Stress. Anxiety. Depression are some of what is experienced by new parents.

You may experience some of these at varying levels and you may have sought help previously, which is great. However, you may find the events, circumstances in the perinatal period trigger one of these and place you in a new space. A space to navigate, understand, seek support for. There a number of places to start with – Talking to friends/family, GP, Midwives, Health Visitors, Charities, Private groups & organisations, Counsellors.


This is a big one – how we prepare parents going into parenthood is key. In research studies here are a few reasons as to why mums and dads (in some of these examples) felt unprepared:

· Unresolved trauma

· Feeding

· Loneliness

· Relationships

· Friendships

· Identity going into parenthood