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What a difference 7 days make.

We are firmly, mostly, confined to indoors. New ways of working. Living. How to be. Strangers taking a wide berth of you and your children. Random things in your shopping basket. And you’ve realised you can/want never to be a teacher!

There are somethings that will always remain though: babies being born and new mums needing help; after the birth, in those often, challenging weeks.

But what about the before bit?

Leading upto the arrival of your baby.

We plan for the birth of our babies, and rightly so however, what about when your baby arrives. Yeah sure we buy endless baby gros, a buggy, maybe borrow a few bits and spend a small fortune on a product we find out later to be a bit crap.

But what about the other stuff. Expectations. Understanding your recovery. What really are baby norms. Your new ‘role’, Family dynamics when under strain. Where to go for the help you need.

How much prep and plan goes into that? Should we even bother?

Short answer, yes!

If we spend some time working through some small steps to encourage thoughts and ideas to flow in. To allow you to prepare physically and emotionally, then it's SUPER likely your start to motherhood will get off to a richer, stronger, more confident start.

Now, to help you get going I have put together a new Comprehensive Planner called …


(Click on the title to get a copy sent to your inbox).

I’d say this planner is for Mums-to-be to give you the head start however, if things are going a bit bat shit crazy you could always use the ideas to help get back on track.

If you got specific questions message me on

Much love,


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