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What a week! Full of highs and some almighty lows. Poorly parents; one home and one to recover. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I found the things that I talk in my work, in the postnatal space for early motherhood, I've used handling my own family life.

· Expectations of how things will really be

· Get things organised and inform yourself so you don’t feel so overwhelmed

· Look for the smallest of wins

· Look after yourself – don’t know about you but when I am tired I can’t think straight so I have been having short, power naps to recharge and go again

· I’ve been trying to plan ahead and not deal with things in retrospect to make it so much harder

Of course, all of things that can be applied to those early weeks of motherhood.

· Not realising things would be like they are

· Feeling emotionally drained

· Learning as we go and not giving ourselves ahead start with info and knowledge

· Focusing on what is going wrong rather than picking out the wins

· Running on empty and you are last on the list to look after

Sound familiar? Or maybe it doesn’t because you are yet to get there.

It’s OK though, because there are steps we can do and think about for us to start feeling confident and in control.

Ditch the confusion and overwhelm and take the lead!

Which is basically what my FREE 5-day sprint is all about. Not leaving it to hindsight to find out what things are going to be really like. Start setting clear expectations. Use the time you have now before the baby comes.

More info and register your place, pop your finger on this link:

It starts on 20th July. So if you are a pregnant mumma this is for you.

Would love to see you in there.

And if you don't join me, keep celebrating those wins, feeling truly grateful because believe me they really do help!

Much love,



You can also join the FREE support group for mums to be and new mums.

Link here

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