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Why plan at all..?

You are in your third trimester, no doubt getting tired easily, carrying around a bowling-ball-type weight, overthinking what’s to come, probably still commuting to work and endless emotions showing up for you.

You are probably also think you have enough on your plate without more prep, planning especially as your mind feels more focussed on the birth.

I promise you this though – spending some time to prep and plan will make those early weeks smoother for you and will put you in a good position for when your baby is here.

Sorry for the picture quality BUT I LOVE the look on my baby's face

You and your baby will go through huge change. Your identity shifts. They are moving from their world in the womb to our world, on the outside. Their development through the first 12 weeks is staggering.

There is a whole section on the WHY in the soon-to-be launched ...


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Me and Dexi Bubba at 4 months - it wasn't always smiles though!

Acting re-actively, when your baby is home, will likely leave you feeling you won’t have the time or inclination to anything outside the newborn norms.

You’ll be on the back foot trying to find your way in the baby haze. Clarity is missing. Getting a straight answer from yourself is hard work.

Never underestimate what the lack of sleep can do.

For more on prep and planning in your 3rd for your 4th – have a read of this:

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April Knell

Postnatal Doula

Fourth Trimester Specialist

Founder of The Confident New Mum Program -

If you are in your 3rd trimester and interested to know how to make your fourth a smooth ride as possible, click here to book your 15 min call

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