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Why plan at all 2.0

And I am talking about postnatal planning; the bit when your baby is home and it’s when the magical yet often challenging early weeks of motherhood begin

Somewhere in the middle in the pregnancy’ the chances are it’s starting to feel more and more real for you; having passed some key milestones in your pregnancy. You maybe still working, feeling tired and have lots of questions whizzing round.

You are probably also feeling feeling super excited, happy and can’t wait to meet your baby; the life changing chapter in your own book. (hold onto the good stuff)

In your third trimester, you will be asked for your birth plan – your ideals on how you would like your birth to go. And rightly so, of course you should have a say in this EPIC event!

But what about your Postnatal Plan? Why isn’t it standard to ask how you would like your first weeks of motherhood to go?

Why is it not recorded, or encouraged to give some thought to, those postnatal weeks?

Truth is, it’s often overlooked. Our focus is strongly on the birth. Which I do get, here is my BUT though…

You have more of a say in your postnatal weeks – things out of your control arise for birth meaning said-plans can be hard to follow (I am a mum of two who birthed her second in the birth unassisted. Trust me, this wasn’t planned!)

Putting some planning into action (I’m talking simple steps) can really make you feel lighter, more organised, more prepared, more ready…more ON IT!

Your support network will know how to help you the best and save those awkwards convos with family-folk about how you want things done.

You’ll know where to go for help and when you need to.

Your expectations will be much more aligned to reality…!

Everything in the house will be ready.

You won’t have to learn EVERYTHING whilst looking after a newborn.

In those shorter gaps of time – life with a newborn – you will set up to give time back to you in a way that feels the soul!

Your mindset will be firing on all cylinders…you will be in a good place.

Point is, I STRONGLY (hence the use of capitals) that there are things we can do before the baby arrives to take us from overwhelm, confusion and anxiety to feeling like a maternal goddess!

I’ll leave you with this….

Acting re-actively, when your baby is home, will likely leave you feeling you won’t have the time or inclination to anything outside the newborn norms.

Good news is I have 6 simple yet effective steps to get you planned, ready and rocking into motherhood.

More good news is that until Monday 30th November (2020) at midnight my Postnatal Planning Session is half price. All the deets here.

Much love,


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