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Why should you get in front as new mum?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Not leaving things to hindsight in those early weeks of motherhood?

Going beyond the birth when you are pregnant. Getting yourself into a strong position for baby’s arrival.

Why is it best you take these steps before the baby arrives?

Because I’ve seen time and time again women not expecting what was to come. Not realising how they would feel. Not feeling prepared. Not knowing a certain piece of info which would have helped them. Not knowing where to go for help. Having a river of emotions to navigate. And having no time because they're tired and have a newborn to look after.

Getting in front will also mean you can feel more of that excitement leading up to your baby's homecoming. The intrigue. The feeling of you can't wait to meet them. How happy you are feeling. And rightly so, expectations also means the good stuff too!

My own experience was that yes I was totally in awe of my sons, especially the first time round. It took AGES for it to sink that I was a mum. I would stare at their little faces for what felt like hours.

I also learnt on the job. Nearly everything that showed up I learnt as I go, tired with a newborn. And with Dexter, I had to learn life with two, with a newborn and a toddler!

I didn’t feel confident enough to trust my own instincts; feeling foggy and no clarity And actually no one chatted to be about maternal instincts. It was a feeling I had that over time I used and come to know and trust.

I didn’t feel prepared for breastfeeding – yes I read up about breastfeeding but it didn’t say in the books that I would dread the next feed because I was sore and doubted my abilities. That I cried at night because of the relentlessness of the night feeds.

Relationships changed. Some forever. I could give lots more examples but I am sure you get what I am mean!

What could I have done about it? What can you do about it now?

There are some simple yet effective steps to start discovering realistic expectations. There are steps you can take to feel more prepared. Better equipped as it were.

By doing these steps you will start to feel more confident, greater clarity, in control and in a much more positive position when we need the help the most.

That's why I put together a new Postnatal Planner - a free planner to get you feeling prepared, everything in place and having a say in the early months of being a new mum.

Access the planner here.

If you wanted to maximise the planner, you can book a 1:1 session with me so we can go through the background, your current situation, how you would like things to go, get your questions answered and we will go through every step of the planner. Book your spot.

Much love,


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