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Wish I Had of Known About a Doula When I Had My Baby

Updated: May 13, 2021

This is something that is said often when I explain what I do for a living.

A postnatal doula.

How I help new mums in early motherhood. It totally makes sense the support postnatal doulas offer but it's not well known. There is still a huge awareness job to do about how postnatal doulas can help and when is best for a woman to source one.

A doula means mothering the mother. Typically, it’s a woman helping another woman during early motherhood, from all corners of the community.

So, what is the support you can expect from me – here is an idea, but this list isn’t the limit!

- Looking after the baby whilst you rest and recover

- Baby care inc feeding, changing, settling

- Hands-on help around the house – popping a wash on or unloading the dishwasher

- Preparing meals for the family

- Facilitating space and time to help with a smooth transition for all family members

- Share nuggets of info when asked eg baby norms or expectations

- Work through emotions that are showing up for you

- And anything else that helps you out!

I use a saying often to describe the work I do, and that is …..

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’….

If you are running on empty, how you can give anything, you have nothing left to give.

Us doulas focus on mums to make sure they are not running on empty and are well looked after and supported. It’s about mums feeling confident of their choices, tuned into your instincts, and rocking motherhood your way.

For more info on the different types of support; whether it’s in person or virtually then head to

***April Knell is a postnatal doula specialist based in Surrey, London.

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