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Preparing for Postnatal


Let's start with the now - how you are feeling during pregnancy...

Excited yet nervous

Happy yet anxious


Not sure where to start 

Thinking about baby growing

What you can eat

How much exercise is ok to do

Moving through the trimesters and what each brings....

The birth! So often we can't get passed the birth and those early weeks gets somewhat forgotten. 

"I was so focussed on the birth I didn't realise what was in store for me postnatally"

Exact words from a friend, with the benefit of hindsight!  

I started off my doula'ing career helping mums and families in the home once baby had arrived. We worked through situations and issues as they arose. Working reactively whilst also day to day of baby, mum and the rest of the family.  

Having worked with countless families I began to realise where families were having challenges, where they thrived, when they didn't know to expect a certain thing, or when there was a huge mental load. 

Having as much postnatal experience as I do, I can say with certainty there are things you can do to Prepare for Postnatal life. 

But here's the thing, I want us to have the conversation earlier...about preparing for postnatal, and not deal with things when we are going through it. Not when you are literally holding the baby!

It's all about going on a journey ..

From A - thoughts, feelings and behaviours during pregnancy to B - how you want to feel as a new mum, how you want to start your mothering journey. 

I want to take you from CONFUSED to CONFIDENT. 


What did Becca say about
her session...

"April made us think about things we hadn't really considered & think about things in more depth. Thinking about how we want our experience to be rather than thinking about how it 'should' be.


Realising how things will work for us & our lifestyle. Knowing that everyone has different ideas about how to handle such a life-changing event & that it's ok to do things exactly how we want rather than how someone else thinks we should".


Becci Herat, Surrey

Ready to

Choose your date and time here. 

>> A form, bonus and planner will be sent before your session <<  

What are the reasons women say they felt unprepared for motherhood?


Unresolved trauma. 

Previous mental health issues. 

Breastfeeding challenges

Changes in relationships. 

Changes in friendships. 

Your own identity as you move into becoming a mum 



Overwhelm with everything you feel you have to get ready or know about. 

Day-to-day care of a baby and perceived abilities. 

Intrusive thoughts - a staggering 91% of new mums report to having thoughts they do not want.  

Mental load is real - during pregnancy and beyond. 

General family life - what to do for dinner ever day for example.

**This isn't me guessing what mums and dads feel, this is taken from various research studies**

Who are the sessions for and how will they help? 


first time mums who maybe do not have any family close. Little or no experience with babies. Lots of questions and getting muddled up with the conflicting info everywhere

These sessions will also work for second time mums who would like to do things differently this time round :) 




>> prepared maternal goddess going into motherhood - doing everything you can this side of your baby arriving and not leaving it until you are literally holding the baby

>> your emotional-self will be thanking you for it - feeling positive, confident and lighter 

>> know where to put your focus and not a let's-do-it-all approach

>> expectations will be much more aligned to reality, such as baby norms, emotions and life as mum 

>> with knowledge and clearer expectations, issues will be quicker resolved

>> you will know what are the core postnatal pillars and how to set yours up

>> overwhelmed and mental load massively reduced

>> you will have a personalised preparation plan to work from and evolve

>> more time to enjoy the early months, immerse yourself in what is truly a joyous time, and celebrate all your wins!

"Becoming a mother makes you realise you can do almost everything one-handed!"

The Session itself...

You will be guided through 7 areas relating to postnatal life, areas I know where your focus should be. 


Before the session, you will be sent a form (to make the most of our session) and your Preparation planner

During the session:


We will 'set your scene', areas of help, before using my 7-step framework to guide you through the different areas. 

As part of the follow up you will be any additional notes/actions/resource links plus the recording of the session which will last upto two hours over Zoom.  

All this for £99.

**Newly added bonus is Settling Techniques Newborn**

This will be sent with the form and planner.

Ready to

Choose your date and time here. 

>> A form, bonus and planner will be sent before your session <<  
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