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I am a mum to two gorgeous boys and we live in Surrey (UK).

I have been working as a postnatal doula for a few years now. I trained back in 2014 and decided then to focus on the postnatal space. The bit when your baby comes home and the fun can really start. With my first son, Max, I got home from the hospital and thought “what now?”.


I wasn't sure what to do next. 

I have been working with lots of gorgeous families who were after help for

different reasons - 

Looking for reassurance, chatting through ideas & emotions, feeling overwhelmed, reluctant to ask for help but knew something had to happen. They had no support they could call on or partner works long hours and they were after a second pair of hands. Reasons are varied and often change as you go along. How we feel on week one to hugely different to week 10. 

The help I offer comes with no judgement and straight-talking. I am here to support YOUR choices. The help supports new babies coming into the world. The help gently reminds this is your journey and an encouragement to tune into your instincts - sometimes this gets lost in the books, haze and tiredness. 

At the end of the support, you will be feeling confident in your choices. Often this means going through a range of emotions however you are fully supported until you feel you have turned your corner whether you are a first-time mum, or becoming mum again.    

Experience & courses...

  • Experienced postnatal doula

  • Comprehensive peer to peer breastfeeding training course through a local baby cafe initiative

  • Birth and postnatal doula preparation course ran by Developing Doulas

  • Breastfeeding study days from Breastfeeding London

  • First Aid course for baby and child with the British Red Cross

  • Post Natal development course, including refresher First Aid section with Younique

  • Twins & Multiples workshop for birth & postnatal care

  • Study day for Understanding Newborns, which was so insightful and wonderful!

  • Supported mums with twins and mums who have had C-sections

  • Successfully completed Mental Health Level 1

Member of 

“April was very friendly, caring and empathetic. In the early days when I was unwell, she gave me the space I needed and was very caring.

She was also very knowledgeable about my illness and researched lots of resources for me”


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