Now you might be crazy excited, super prepared, nothing else left to do. Feeling confident. No overwhelm or anxiety whatsoever. Everyone knows best how to help you when baby is here. You know exactly how you want those early weeks to go. You are crystal clear on what to expect. Partner totally gets it. First child has knitted some booties.

You feel totally on it.

Or maybe you don't.

Because quite frankly who the hell does.

Rather than wait til your baby is here and you have little time to find out any of these answers or do any of this stuff..

Do it before your baby arrives.

Mic Drop!

This is where Rocking Motherhood steps in..

Imagine a week's intense driving course - packed full of info and practical manoeuvres that isn't spread out just waiting for life to get in the way.

You will have everything you need to get driving on the road by the end of the week - well these sessions are the same.

Super concentrated to get you feeling on it and a prepared maternal goddess for your baby's arrival.

" April made us think about things we hadn't really considered & think about things in more depth. Thinking about how we want our experience to be rather than thinking about how it 'should' be.

Realising how things will work for us & our lifestyle. Knowing that everyone has different ideas about how to handle such a life-changing event & that it's ok to do things exactly how we want rather than how someone else thinks we should."

  • - Becci Herat, Surrey

What's Included?

In the four hours we will cover:

  • A 'Set The Scene": where you are now and where you would like to get to.

  • 7-Step Preparation Framework: Going beyond the baby list and getting totally ready for the Fourth Trimester. This framework hones your focus and guides you through your personalised plan - this ties into the previous point.

  • Making the best of those first 12 weeks: A look forward to when your baby is here, whilst keeping your wants and needs at the forefront.

  • Coming out of the 12 weeks: Plus how to get into your flow with ease.

  • A bespoke 'Toolkit': for your emotional wellbeing and positive mental health.

  • Personalised Q&A: to finish off we will have a Q&A session together, all of your questions will be answered leaving no stone unturned.

Session Rate : £295

Along with the session you will be sent:

  • Recording to the session, lifetime access.

  • Any links with resources, referrals, info talked about in the session.

  • Downloads to support the session VALUE OF DOWNLOADS £174

Hi, I'm April!

I'm a proud mum of 2 wonderful boys in Surrey, UK. As a postnatal doula since 2014, I aid families in the transformative postnatal period. I've supported various needs – reassurance, emotional support, or extra hands – with empathy and no judgment. My goal is to empower you and nurture your instincts, ensuring you feel confident in your choices by journey's end, whether a first-time or experienced mum.

As a first-time mum I was a little shell shocked about my birth experience and I struggled with my newborn during the early weeks, April provided a good listening ear and she gave me suggestions and advice on several things.

- Neema, Surrey


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