Have a strong start to motherhood the first time around

You are crazy-excited, super prepared, nothing else left to do. Feeling confident.

No overwhelm or anxiety whatsoever.

Your partner and support network know exactly how to help you.

You know exactly how you want those early weeks to go. You are crystal clear on what to expect. Partner totally gets it. House is like a organiser's dream. You feel totally on it. Everything is bought and perfect for your needs.

Or maybe you don't..

Because quite frankly who the hell does!

It's more likely you are feeling super excited but my goodness, daunted too. Nervous about the unknown of motherhood.

You don't know what you don't know, right.

We have all had a level of control in our lives however with motherhood for the first time that can feel out of our hands.

this is where Rocking Motherhood steps in..

it's a pimped-up preparation session for first time mums to be

Imagine a week's intense driving course - packed full of info and practical manoeuvres that isn't spread out so you can take it all in one go.

You will have everything you need to get driving on the motherhood road.

We get prepared and feel ready for your early weeks of motherhood whilst you are expecting. Think birth plan but for postnatal.

Rather than wait until your baby is here and you have little time to find out any of these answers or do any of this stuff .. do it before your baby arrives...

Mic Drop!

Back yourself . Give yourself the best chance possible.

who are these sessions for?

Simply put. First time mums to be.

There is SO much to becoming a mum and as a doula for a decade I have seen where challenges come from, where women thrive, where mothers before you say how they have felt unprepared.

Based on these areas these preparation sessions were born.

you might be thinking some of this...

Where do you even start getting ready for the baby? It's often thought its just the baby list...

What to buy?

Zillion questions about looking after a baby?

Perhaps you are feeling more vulnerable because there is little family around

The info 'out there' is so conflicting and feels overwhelming - it's just endless

What's the day to day like with a baby....

What about the sleep!

Finding all the info out there confusing and conflicting.

Motherhood feels like the massive unknown, and perhaps you are used to feeling a level of control. No one wants to spiral after all.

Changes in relationships already?

You don't want to feel on your own.

Feeling more emotional which is more than your norm.

" April made us think about things we hadn't really considered & think about things in more depth. Thinking about how we want our experience to be rather than thinking about how it 'should' be.

Realising how things will work for us & our lifestyle. Knowing that everyone has different ideas about how to handle such a life-changing event & that it's ok to do things exactly how we want rather than how someone else thinks we should." Becci Herat, Surrey

the session - what can you expect from it

  • Expectations are queen; we get super clear on them for pre and post becoming mum - this part is super important

  • The Practicals; what do you get, buy and do?

  • My baby doesn't want to be put down; by this I mean the fourth trimester...what is the norm to show up in this trimester and more importantly how can you move with it ?

  • Sleep & Feeding; always come up and closely linked. We will go through norms (this massively reduces mental load and questioning "is this normal", lots & lots of practical ideas to a) help you prepare and b) to help you navigate the newborn phases for each of these.

  • Becoming a mum; it has been said to become a mum involves changing our status from one to another. You have been you for x amount of years and then you shift into this new identity.

  • New Mum Wellbeing bespoke 'Toolkit': We will create your own wellbeing 'toolkit' packed with things that you are realistically going to do to maintain and boost your emotional wellbeing.

  • Nutrition: food is a key pillar, postnatally but of course through pregnancy. I'll share recipe ideas, energy boosting shopping ideas and family hacks to make life easier

  • After your first 12 weeks, what then..? Getting into your flow as I call it. Mums have described it as turning your corner or the light being switched up. I will give you a ton of practical tips on how to help with this.

  • Q&A: to finish off we will have a Q&A session together, all of your questions will be answered leaving no stone unturned

session rate : £197

Along with the 3hr session, you will be sent:

  • Recording to the session, lifetime access.

  • I will seek and send resources, products, referrals, recommendations & follow-up info covered in the session

  • Postnatal Planner (think birth plan but for postnatal) for you use and keep for those early weeks

  • Rocking Motherhood Pregnancy Planner & Journal - this is free with these sessions!

    **to note; you have 3 months to use the session from the time you book**

you want to go ahead but unsure what the

next steps are?

- Click the button and your mobile will explode in 10 secs.

(not really)

- The button will take you through to a calendar - choose your date.

- You will then be asked to make payment.

Sessions can be rescheduled if need be

- Once payment is received, you will receive an email with a pre form. It's a short form that asks for some background info so we can maximise our time together.

I'll send a reminder ahead of the session, and that's it.

You are set up.

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