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Becoming Mum

This is a personalised 1:1 service for first time mums.

Rocking Motherhood

A super session ahead of you hitting motherhood.

Preparing For Postnatal

A personalised session to your own early postnatal life.

In-Home Help

Help & support in your home once your baby is here.



Talk postnatal before you get to postnatal.

Support first time mums so they don't have to do things differently the next time.

Just like a birth plan, let's plan for the postnatal space, and then support mums when the baby is here. Let's not just hand a woman a baby, wish her luck and then spin on your heels type scenario. Let's do better.

Hi, I'm April!

I'm a proud mum of 2 wonderful boys in Surrey, UK. As a postnatal doula since 2014, I aid families in the transformative postnatal period. I've supported various needs – reassurance, emotional support, or extra hands – with empathy and no judgment. My goal is to empower you and nurture your instincts, ensuring you feel confident in your choices by journey's end, whether a first-time or experienced mum.

In-Home Support

Help & support in your home once your baby is here.

Support spans practical hands on help with baby and home. Emotional back up at a time when emotions are heightened and then informational support to get your questions answered and discuss putting your plans and processes in to action.

This is location dependant. For new mums based in Surrey and South London.

Becoming Mum

This is personalised 1:1 service for first time mums.

Preparation ahead of baby arriving and you becoming mum.

Then postnatal wellbeing sessions once baby is here and you are navigating those first 12 weeks.

Rocking Motherhood

Think super session ahead of you hitting motherhood.

Everything you need to do and know.

Preparing For Postnatal

This is a personalised session to your own situation that guides you through different areas relating to early postnatal life. We go beyond the baby list and getting you ready and prepared on a practical and emotional level.

As a first-time mum I was a little shell shocked about my birth experience and I struggled with my newborn during the early weeks, April provided a good listening ear and she gave me suggestions and advice on several things.

- Neema, Surrey


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