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Just to let visitors to this site know that it's going through a makeover so please bear with new fonts, colours and formatting. Any questions please use the CONTACT tab at the top. 

Welcome... My name is April, and I've got you covered. Preparing you for early motherhood and supporting you when your baby arrives. 

Here, you can find out about:

>> Preparing for Postnatal

>> Lots of resources such as Settling Techniques and Must-have products for your first 12 weeks

>> You can rocket yourself into the Fourth Trimester with the new Rocking Motherhood super-session 
>> In-home home when baby arrives (this is location dependant though) 

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She reassured me when I felt like I didn't know what the right things to do was and helped me get through the difficult newborn period

- K Lee
As a first-time mum I was a little shell shocked about my birth experience and I struggled with my newborn during the early weeks, April provided a good listening ear and she gave me suggestions and advice on several things.
- N. Patel 
Is your baby already here? 

If your baby is already here and you would like some help and extra support, please email me with brief detail on what's going and we will hatch a plan on how best to help you. 

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