In-Home Doula Support

Personalised in-home support for new mums and families.

Flexibility is key when becoming a parent, having options to best suit us and make our lives easier.

As well as offering online support, you are able to arrange in-home support. ​

Baby is arriving soon, or maybe already is earth side, and you feel an extra pair of hands would be exactly what you need.

To get you through the fog and haze of newborn - new mum life. The support to a place where you are feeling differently and getting into your flow with greater ease and greater confidence.


Talk postnatal before you get to postnatal.

Support first time mums so they don't have to do things differently the next time.

Just like a birth plan, let's plan for the postnatal space, and then support mums when the baby is here. Let's not just hand a woman a baby, wish her luck and then spin on your heels type scenario. Let's do better.

In-Home Doula Support Gives You All Of This

  • Emotional back-up - so whatever shows up for you emotionally we will work together on

  • Look after your baby whilst you rest & recover

  • Bamboozled with the info out there, all which seems to contradict itself. 

  • Help with infant feeding - boob or bottle

  • Help with siblings

  • Facilitate breathing space to recharge physically and mentally

  • Pop a wash on and sort the dishes

  • House projects to rid you of those niggling feelings

  • Getting you into your flow when you feel you are ready

  • And anything else to make your life easier!

Working With April

" You can’t pour from an empty cup "

April Knell

I look after you, mum, first so you are best placed to look after your baby. So you are not running on empty. Support is personalised to your own situation, where you want to get to and how it can best support you. It's flexible so it changes to match how you change as the weeks go on - how you feel on week 2 is different to how you will be feeling on week 10.

(The in-home support is for mums based in Surrey and South London)


You also have the option of the New Mum Package which is an off-the-shelf package making it super easy to book your support for new mum life. Set hours for a set price.

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Next Steps


  • Click the button below to continue on to your booking page & select your next step with me.


  • If you would like to arrange a zoom for a chat and talk about the support in more detail, any specifics or get your questions answered then you can do that here.


  • You can book the New Mum Package - set hours for a set price. ​Created for ease and we can arrange your dates to suit.

And Remember...

"You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup"

New Mum Package

Support covers baby care, infant feeding preferences, letting you rest and recover, strengthening your wellbeing, help with the house and siblings, food prep and chatting through baby norms & ideas. And anything else you need
  • 32 hours of in-home support. This means you will get

    8 dates @ 4-hour session.

  • The value of the package is £960. The bookable rate is £864.

  • Support is taken within 3 months of start date.

  • Sessions are typically 4 hours and run in day hours.

  • Paid in full at the time of booking.

  • Subsequent hours can be booked on a block book or ad hoc basis.

Working With April

"As a first-time mum I was a little shell shocked about my birth experience and I struggled with my newborn during the early weeks, April provided a good listening ear and she gave me suggestions and advice on several things."

Nisha Patel, Surrey

What are you waiting for...

I have seen first hand long lists of why women feel unprepared for motherhood. Let’s put you in a really strong position that means you avoid as many of those as possible!


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