Preparing for Postnatal


Let's start with the now - how you might be feeling?

  • Becoming mum for the first time which feels exciting but bloody daunting

  • Happy yet anxious

  • Overwhelmed with all the info & opinions - people have so many!

  • Not sure where to start to get ready for your baby

  • Thoughts about becoming mum are constant, switching to is baby ok in there (it's alot!)

  • Then when baby will be here how the hell do I care for a baby?

  • How do I know I am doing the right thing?

  • You are moving through the trimesters and finding out what each one brings....

  • The birth! Huge. Life changing. You are given the option to write a plan and put your preferences down

  • So often as pregnant mummas, we can't get passed the birth in our minds and those early weeks gets somewhat overshadowed ..

"I was so focused on the birth I didn't realise what was

in store for me postnatally"

K. Stirling

Wise words from a friend, with the benefit of hindsight!

Here's the thing, I want us to have the conversation earlier...about postnatal life before getting to postnatal life, and not leaving it to hindsight to find out what might have done you more justice.

There are women that have gone through the fourth trimester and looking back. These women share the list of reasons why they felt unprepared for motherhood.

And then there are the women who have their fourth trimester ahead of them. Rather than finding out, with hindsight, what might have worked to do things differently, do it the first time round so you have a strong start as a first time mum.

Don't wait util you are holding the baby, running on reduced sleep & time, and have little or no inclination for anything outside of the newborn-ferris wheel.

I am not saying you will feel 100% prepared for your baby arriving and you becoming mum because there are things you feel and see for yourself. What you go through. But what I can do is take you as far as I can before the baby arriving to feel more ready, better prepared and more confident.


How the session will run..

  • Pre-form sent to you so we can maximise our time together. This also allows for the session to be personalised to your own situation.

  • The session itself will be online and run for upto 2 hours.

  • We will use your info as a starting point and then move onto the 6-step Preparation framework I have specifically created for this type of work

  • To compliment the session you will be sent a Postnatal Planner, follow-up resources & recording to refer back to

  • The session will finish will a Q&A getting all your questions answered so you 'walk' away feeling informed with a clear path (not to mention freeing up brain space from all those questions & wondering!)

  • Only other thing to let you know is the price..£99.

" April made us think about things we hadn't really considered & think about things in more depth. Thinking about how we want our experience to be rather than thinking about how it 'should' be.

Realising how things will work for us & our lifestyle. Knowing that everyone has different ideas about how to handle such a life-changing event & that it's ok to do things exactly how we want rather than how someone else thinks we should. "

- Becci Herat


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